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Start Thriving More and Striving Less

  • Are you Thriving, living your purpose and ready to find opportunities to grow and further your spiritual journey? You’re enjoying happy, loving relationships, good health and fulfillment.
  • Are you Rising, with a life that’s good, but could be better? Whether it’s more time for yourself, improved relationships, or a deeper purpose, you’re ready to make a change.
  • Are you Striving, exhausted by chores, personal and professional relationships and obligations that leave little time for you?

Find the community and support you have been looking for to help you make meditation and wellness a part of your daily routine. Join me as a Member today and receive a special members’ welcome gift!

JOIN NOW – Enjoy special membership pricing, too! Only $18 USD/Month or $190 USD/year.

Hi, I’m Kristi Stangeland, founder of My ParaVita, a company that helps busy women create a sense of calm, enjoyment and adventure in their lives. In my “prior life,” I spent many years in the corporate world as a CPA for PricewaterhouseCoopers and J.P. Morgan Chase. I am acutely aware of the pressures and stresses that women face while trying to build and maintain their careers while also fulfilling their commitments to their families and personal relationships. Twenty years ago, I left the insanity behind and launched a series of small businesses. With each entrepreneurial success, I found myself taking stock of the lessons learned, both professionally and personally. It soon became clear that my business success was tied to my own personal wellness, self-awareness and the ability to find balance in my life. I hold a diploma in Mindfulness Study by the NLP Centre of Excellence and completed the three-year BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program™, begun by Professor Thomas Lin Yun, one of the most renowned Chinese philosophers of our time. For several years, I have been helping women create opportunities for success and personal fulfillment with meditation, retreats and feng shui. I now want to take those personal insights and share them with other women. My ParaVita focuses on helping women find peace, power and play in their professional and personal lives so they can create opportunities for success and personal fulfillment.

“I joined the group because I wanted to start a meditation practice and I didn’t know where to start. The group meditation calls are a wonderful motivator. The energy from the group is palpable and help me with my meditation practice.” Kristine A.


As a My ParaVita Founding Member you WON’T:

Waste time and money searching for the right resources or teachers to get you started on your meditation and wellness journey.

Worry if you are doing your meditation correctly.

Feel as if you are all alone, merely listening to another online app.

Struggle to get to a class that doesn’t fit with your busy schedule.


As a My ParaVita Founding Member you WILL:

Get access to a members-only community where you can share your experiences, ask questions and get help to keep you moving forward from other supportive women.

Provide input that will help build and shape the community so it delivers on everything you and future members may need.

Enjoy lifetime  pricing which will never change during the course of your membership.


How quickly will I be able to start once I join?
As soon as you select your membership option you will receive a package of welcome instructions, access to the Membership Only website and your welcome gift will be on its way.

Is it REALLY only $18 a month or $190 a year? Are there any hidden costs?
It really is only $18 USD a month or $190 USD a year. There are no hidden costs! From time to time, we may also offer you some great discounts on courses or retreats to take your experience even further. And as a Founding Member, this is your price for as long as you remain a member. There are no contracts, and although we hope you never leave us, you are welcome to cancel at any time.

I am new to meditation. Can I be a Member?
You sure can, we would love to have you!  Whether you are completely new to meditation or meditate every day, we want to provide you with tools, meditations and support that will enhance your habits. Our community is for everyone with an interest in meditation and wellness.

MyParavita New Member Special
only $18 USD/month or $190 USD/year!

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